Adamspeak Hill Climb – we are at the starting point ( Delhousie )

Located in a beautiful and fascinating area of the southern Hill Country, this lofty peak has sparked the imagination for centuries. This place has been a pilgrimage centre for over 1000 years. It’s not only the sacred footprint that pilgrims seek. As the first rays of dawn light up the holy mountain you’re treated to an extremely fine view – the Hill Country rises to the east, while to the west the land slopes away to the sea.

Most of the local and foreign travelers visit Adamspeak in order to see the magnificent sceneries and to see the  mysterious sun rise.
The sun casts a perfect shadow of the peak onto the misty clouds down towards the coast. As the sun rises higher this eerie triangular shadow races back towards the peak, eventually disappearing into its base.

The surrounding region is largely forested hills, with no mountain of comparable size nearby. The region along the mountain is a wildlife reserve housing many species varying from elephants to leopards, and including many endemic species.


See the panoraminc view of water and the hills surrounding Maussakele & Castlereigh reservoirs.

Maussakele Reservoir – 10 minutes drive
Castlereigh Reservoir – 40 minutes drive
Trekking through tea plantations


Mohini Ella

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